Simple Editorial License

Simple editorial license for stock photos announced by Excitations Stock Photos of Australia. Headline photo
Travellers creating images of themselves, surrounded by street art, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Simple editorial license for stock photos of Australia

So what is this thing with licenses anyway? Why should I care? Why can’t I use any picture I find on the internet? After all, once published on the world wide web, all photos are free. I know that because I’ve read it somewhere. It must be true.

Let’s look at that last statement first. Publishing a photograph, artwork, music or a video on the internet does not mean it is free to use. Occasionally it is, there are many pieces of intellectual property published, they are indeed open to using, with some exclusions. You see, even the free stuff has a license. That is called a creative commons license.

The most common license you will see with photography is a license called Royalty-Free. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that means FREE. In fact, they are not FREE at all. The images are free of royalties. That is, you license them once but can use them many times in all media for whatever purposes you require, without paying further fees.

We license this image using our simple editorial license because there is an un-released child in the image, but also the Olympic Rings are shown. Using any representation of the rings for commercial use would most likely see the IOC chasing you for misuse of their trademark.

A problem with Royalty Free licenses. Images, including people or property not released for commercial use. Must not appear in advertising or promotional material.

Excitations stock photos of Australia, have a new license. Our simple editorial license. Just like a Royalty Free License. There is one big difference. Images licensed this way, must not be used to promote products or services.