Weather and cloud photos.

A vineyard minutes after a severe hail storm destroyed the crop. From Excitations archive of stock photos and video footage. weather and cloud photos.

Weather and cloud stock photos Australia.

We love photographing weather events. However, as you can imagine it isn’t the easiest photographic pursuit. Being as unpredictable as the weather so to speak. But, when we get a chance we always take it. After all, that is the only way to build our library of weather and cloud photos.

A rights manage stock photo of multiple lightning strikes and low shelf cloud over a salt lake. Weather and cloud photos by Excitations .
Violent thunderstorm sweeps over a saline drainage lake near Mildura, Victoria, Australia.
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Of course, not all weather shots have to be as spectacular as the one above. Which is a good thing. Because to be honest, getting this shot was a tad risky. In fact, we might not try being this up close and persnel next time.

A very dark and stormy sky with powerful light beams seeming to rise into the heavens from the earth. Weather and cloud photos by Excitations, photographers Mildura.
Light beams against a very dark sky.
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When we teach photography and we do as often as we can. We almost always tell our students the only photography secret we know is the old f8 and be there story. Or in other words, if you want to take good pictures you need to put yourself in front of interesting things. Details of Excitations Photo Adventures can be found here.

The picture above involved a fair smattering of good old fashioned luck. That is being in the right place at the right time. Then all we needed was a camera. The whole scene lasted probably no more than 30 seconds.

A very low storm cloud which looks a little like a massive hand about to crush everything in ints path. Weather and cloud photos by Excitations stock photography, Australia.
Destructive electrical storm forming over a salt lake near Mildura, North Western Victoria, Australia.
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The above image is one of our favourite weather pictures. I can’t decide whether this cloud looks more like a giant hand coming down to squish everything below, ora massive vacuum-cleaner about to suck-up all in its path. As it turned out, it was actually more like an angry child. Swatting a heavy camera and tripod across the road. Fortunately there was only superficial damage and we kept shooting.

A brilliant orange coloured storm cloud towers into the evening sky. Photograph by Excitations stock photos of Australia.
A late afternoon thunderstorm over outback Australia.
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Finally to round out this series of weather and cloud photos from Excitations Stock Archive. An image of a distant thunderstorm bathed in the last rays of the setting sun.